5 advantages that make State Line Foundries worth a look

5 Advantages That Make State Line Foundries Worth A Look

When you need a quick delivery or complex, technically challenging castings produced, where can you turn? Most large, automated foundries shy away from such projects, preferring to focus on the “sure thing” of high-volume, low-cost commodity castings to keep their large pouring infrastructure busy. On the other end of the scale, most small “mom-and-pop” foundries…

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How to navigate the minefield of transfer tooling

How To Navigate The Minefield Of Transfer Tooling

If you don’t have the right foundry partner, transferring tooling can be like trying to cross a minefield while blindfolded. Your odds of success are likely to be very low. But an experienced foundry can help you get through the process smoothly, so you can be back in production with a minimum of hassle. “Moving…

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Need prototype castings? We can help!

State Line Foundries Specializes In Producing Prototype Iron Castings

If you’re seeking a foundry to produce prototype castings using gray, ductile or austempered ductile iron, you ought to consider State Line Foundries as a potential partner. Our two foundries offer a unique set of capabilities that make them an ideal place to get fast turnarounds on high-quality prototype castings. Here’s why. If you need…

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The dawn of a new era at State Line Foundries

Dawn Of A New Era At State Line Foundries

Whenever two companies join forces, the hope is that the new whole will be greater than the sum of its parts – that their synergies will enable them to deliver a more comprehensive set of solutions to their joint customers. But sometimes, the hoped-for efficiencies never materialize – or take a long time to realize.…

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