A unique project tests State Line’s skills with decorative castings

A unique project tests State Line’s skills with decorative castings

The majority of the castings State Line Foundries produces are used in unglamorous but vital products like industrial pumps, mining equipment and military vehicles. When the foundry recently had the opportunity to take on a unique decorative castings project for a major American city, it was a perfect opportunity to expand its range of work.…
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OEMs - Consider reshoring your parts now - or face potential consequences later

Reshoring: Waiting out uncertainty is no longer an option

The last two years have been a white-knuckled roller coaster ride for OEMs. From the pandemic and supply chain challenges to labor shortages and a huge demand spike, it feels like it’s been a battle for survival. Things don’t seem to be getting any easier, either.  Perhaps it’s time to consider reshoring your most critical…
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Why move your tooling to State Line Foundries

Why Move Your Tooling to State Line Foundries?

Moving tooling from one foundry to another is often a complex undertaking. There are many variables involved, including the condition of the tooling, adapting it to the new foundry’s processes and much more. An excessively worn tool may no longer be able to produce parts that meet the OEM’s specifications. A worn pattern or core…
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Six Factors to Consider When Selecting A Foundry

Six Factors to Consider When Selecting A Foundry

Selecting a foundry to cast your ductile and gray iron parts requires a surprising amount of due diligence. That’s because there are many variables to consider in mold design, part design and casting processes. Highly-engineered parts must meet strict tolerances, metallurgical qualities and performance characteristics. The foundries that produce them need to have well-defined, repeatable…
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A Closer Look at State Line Foundries [VIDEO]

State Line Foundries provides OEMs and others with big foundry services in a short-line package. We specialize in short-run prototype castings, low-production castings and end-of-life service castings. What makes us unique? We offer a set of in-house capabilities that are normally only found in large casting environments, such as engineering support, mold flow analysis, pattern…
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How Experienced Employees Have Positioned State Line For Success

How Experienced Employees Have Positioned State Line for Success

Retaining Experienced Employees Ensures High Quality, Short Lead Times The foundry industry is booming today, but that hasn’t always been the case. There were slowdowns just last year– and a full-blown recession in 2008-2009. These tough times shaped how State Line Foundries manages its workforce during industry downturns. And it’s a big reason that the…
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Big Foundry Services In A Short Line Foundry

Big Foundry Services In A Short-line Package

OEMs are faced with a Goldilocks problem.  They often require a large foundry that can produce big volumes of parts, plus sophisticated services like mold flow analyses and testing. But big foundries tend to be slow-moving and inflexible, with long lead times and strict production requirements.  Short-line foundries are often much more flexible and responsive,…
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How OEMs Benefit From State Line’s In House Testing

How OEMs Benefit from State Line’s In-House Testing

State Line Foundries conducts a variety of tests internally on the iron castings it produces. For an operation of its size, this makes it unique. Many of its competitors outsource some or all their testing. Why invest in providing these capabilities in-house? Because State Line is committed to providing its customers with exceptional outcomes, such…
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Get A Foundry Involved Early In Your Part Design Process

Get a Foundry Involved Early in Your Design Process

Inviting a foundry earlier in your design process can help you avoid many common part quality and cost challenges – and can increase your odds of launching your new product on time and budget.  OEMs often go it alone for the entire part design process and then put it out to bid just before they…
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How State Line Supports Construction And Agricultural Equipment OEMs With Castings

How State Line Supports Construction & Ag OEMs with Castings

Large OEMs in the agriculture and construction industries need a high volume of castings to keep their manufacturing lines humming and their customers’ machines working in the field. Yet there are still key roles for smaller, specialized foundries to play in that world. For State Line Foundries, that often means involvement at the first and…
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How Does State Line Achieve A 98% First Pass Yield?

How Does State Line Achieve 98% First-Pass Yield?

In the foundry industry, one of the most important indicators of success is first-pass yield.  If it’s high, customers can count on receiving excellent quality castings on a timely basis. If it’s low, they can expect delays, cost overruns, casting quality issues and other problems.  Thanks to its exceptional people, processes and technology, State Line…
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Heat Treatments Enhance The Characteristics Of Iron Castings

Heat Treatment: The Finishing Touch to Iron Castings

As far as foundry customers are concerned, the more seamless the process, the better. Meeting their timeliness and quality expectations doesn’t hurt, either. State Line Foundries delivers on all counts when castings require heat treatment.  “Heat treating isn’t something everyone gets excited about, but it’s important,” acknowledges State Line president Jesse Milks. It’s often a…
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Strengthening The OEM Foundry Relationship

Strengthening the OEM-Foundry Relationship

An OEM has a great deal of incentive to stick with a foundry. In most cases, finding a new supplier is expensive and disruptive. The foundry, of course, wants to stay in the OEM’s good graces – to not only retain the business but to grow it whenever possible. Therefore, both the OEM and foundry…
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Emergency Castings

Need Emergency Castings? State Line Can Help!

The crew at State Line Foundries is very familiar with these emergency scenarios: A warehouse employee has discovered, to his dismay, an empty shelf. An overseas shipment is finally located and … is still overseas. A production manager takes a hard look at the limited number of castings in the supply chain and fears his…
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Choosing The Right Material For Your Pattern Tooling

Choosing the right material for your pattern tooling

What’s the best material to use for your pattern tooling? That depends on numerous factors, including estimated annual usage (EAU), the geometry of the part and the durability required.  Helping customers work through the trade-offs of material, cost and lead times is something that State Line Foundries’ sales manager and estimator Dave Murphy does intuitively…
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State Line Is Poised For Growth In 2021

State Line is poised for growth in 2021

Look for a choppy 2020 to turn into a slow rebound during the first quarter of 2021, followed by accelerating growth throughout the rest of the year. Watch for State Line Foundries’ long-term approach to pay dividends, predicts the company’s president, Jesse Milks. “We’re well-positioned to take on additional business – quickly – when things…
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How Castability Analysis Can Save Time And Money

How castability analysis can save time and money

Does your foundry conduct a castability analysis of new and existing parts? It’s an opportunity to identify tweaks to your casting design that can save you a significant amount of time and money. It can also improve the quality of your parts. State Line Foundries relies on proven processes to help maximize castability and provide…
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When Failure Isn’t An Option How State Line Helps Pump Manufacturers

How State Line helps pump manufacturers

When failure isn’t an option: Pump manufacturers know how much is at stake when their products are at work in the field. Pumps support underground mining and tunneling operations, firefighting, commercial sprinkling systems, wastewater, the oil and gas industries and other critical, high-performance applications. Pump manufacturers looking for casting partners need to be certain that…
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How A Casting Buyer Can Find The Right Foundry For Military Work

How to find the right foundry for military work

Few foundries take on defense contractor-related work. It’s easy to see why. “The requirements for suppliers are pretty intense,” explains Jesse Milks, president of State Line Foundries, which pours iron castings for a variety of military products. Milks says the specifications provide a point of comparison between castings destined for military versus private-sector applications. “With…
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Customer Support At State Line Foundries

What does it mean to put the customer first?

Companies of all shapes and sizes – and across all industries – describe themselves as “always putting the customer first.” But the reality is often quite different. Businesses often fall short in this critical area, straining customer relationships and sometimes damaging them beyond repair. According to research conducted by Accenture Interactive, B2B buyers today aren’t…
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Pump Manufacturer Case Study

Foundry expert gets “pumped up” about SLF’s capabilities

Joel Yates is the definition of an expert – multiple consulting engagements, an advanced degree in metallurgy, decades in the foundry business, a teaching gig at a local college. When a high-end pump manufacturer needed to outsource a large number of castings, it turned to Yates as its key consultant. And the solution Yates found?…
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ADI: Tough, affordable castings for your most demanding applications

ADI: Tough, affordable castings for your most demanding applications

Iron that is nearly as strong and abrasion resistant as steel – and less expensive What if you could create iron castings that are nearly as strong as steel, and more manufacturing friendly? What if the iron was so strong you could use it to cast complex shapes and redesign multi-part assemblies into a single…
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5 Advantages That Make State Line Foundries Worth A Look

5 advantages that make State Line Foundries worth a look

When you need a quick delivery or complex, technically challenging castings produced, where can you turn? Most large, automated foundries shy away from such projects, preferring to focus on the “sure thing” of high-volume, low-cost commodity castings to keep their large pouring infrastructure busy. On the other end of the scale, most small “mom-and-pop” foundries…
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How To Navigate The Minefield Of Transfer Tooling

How to navigate the minefield of transfer tooling

If you don’t have the right foundry partner, transferring tooling can be like trying to cross a minefield while blindfolded. Your odds of success are likely to be very low. But an experienced foundry can help you get through the process smoothly, so you can be back in production with a minimum of hassle. “Moving…
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State Line Foundries Specializes In Producing Prototype Iron Castings

Need prototype castings? We can help!

If you’re seeking a foundry to produce prototype castings using gray, ductile or austempered ductile iron, you ought to consider State Line Foundries as a potential partner. Our two foundries offer a unique set of capabilities that make them an ideal place to get fast turnarounds on high-quality prototype castings. Here’s why. If you need…
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Dawn Of A New Era At State Line Foundries

The dawn of a new era at State Line Foundries

Whenever two companies join forces, the hope is that the new whole will be greater than the sum of its parts – that their synergies will enable them to deliver a more comprehensive set of solutions to their joint customers. But sometimes, the hoped-for efficiencies never materialize – or take a long time to realize.…
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