State Line Foundries Specializes In Producing Prototype Iron Castings

Need prototype castings? We can help!

If you’re seeking a foundry to produce prototype castings using gray, ductile or austempered ductile iron, you ought to consider State Line Foundries as a potential partner. Our two foundries offer a unique set of capabilities that make them an ideal place to get fast turnarounds on high-quality prototype castings. Here’s why. If you need…
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Dawn Of A New Era At State Line Foundries

The dawn of a new era at State Line Foundries

Whenever two companies join forces, the hope is that the new whole will be greater than the sum of its parts – that their synergies will enable them to deliver a more comprehensive set of solutions to their joint customers. But sometimes, the hoped-for efficiencies never materialize – or take a long time to realize.…
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