Rapid Prototype Casting

State Line Foundries produces certified, prototype iron castings faster than anyone.

Our proven, structured processes routinely meet tight deadlines because our quick-response team eliminates the "white space" between each step in the prototype production process.

  • Promptly return RFQs within one day
  • In-house expertise to review casting designs with your design engineers
  • 98% first-pass yield using solidification modeling(MAGMA) to reduce time spent in the trial-and-error cycle
  • Proven tool making partners to optimize job fit, lead time, and cost
    • 3D sand-printed molds or foam tooling can be used for low-quantity needs
  • Full in-house lab capabilities to provide mechanical and chemical certifications the same day castings are produced.
  • Full in-house dimensional verification of the castings before shipment

Benefits of Rapid Prototype Castings

  • Prototype tooling can often be used to produce interim quantities before full production is ready.
  • Actual part - not a paper or composite simulated part
  • Machinable - using conventional machines, to exact specs and characteristics
  • Functional part - can be integrated into your whole system so that performance issues such as fit tolerances, strength, durability, etc. can be realistically evaluated