Why State Line Foundries


There’s a reason our happy customers return year after year with new projects and replacement part orders. Our “Secret Sauce” is our people, many of whom have worked in our two locations for decades.  Their experience, technical competence and above all wisdom is precisely what gives them the edge in producing an exceptional casting. 

What You Can Expect


Right The First Time

We utilize the latest technology, our vast experience, and rigid processes to ensure the processes for your casting will yield an exceptional casting the first time and every time.  Producing unacceptable castings delays timelines and is costly for our customers and us


Shortest Lead Times

We continuously challenge our internal processes to become quicker and more responsive to our customer needs. We have built and run our operation with excess capacity in mind to continually exceed our customer requirements for all their “HOT” projects.



The management and operation teams at our foundries represent a unique blend of dedicated individuals with decades of foundry experience and enthusiastic, young, upcoming talent. We PPAP/sample over 250 new part numbers annually with various new project launches and prototype builds. This provides us with unmatched expertise in identify and solving various casting challenges. 

Added Value

Allow us to use our experience and resources to manage multi-step projects to reduce piece prices, freight costs, paper work, and headaches.

  • Heat Treat

  • Painting

  • Plating

  • Nondestructive Testing

  • Machined Complete

  • Assembly

  • Leak Testing

Our Process

Step 1

Quote Review Within 24 hours


Our sales team has decades of hands-on foundry experience that allows us to review casting opportunities quickly and accurately. Our goal is to provide you a quote within 24 hours from receiving the request for quote.

Step 2

Purchase Order Receipt and Review  Within 24 Hours 


All purchase orders are reviewed in detailed and acknowledged within 24 hours. The receipt of a purchase order for a new product launch starts our “New Job Startup” process.

Step 3

New Job Startup Process  

  • The pattern tool is checked in to our system
  • All drawings, models, MAGMA simulations, and specifications are reviewed by our quality and production teams
  • Process instructions are documented per pre-production engineering evaluations

Step 4

New Job Sampling Process  

  • Produce the sample casting order per defined instructions
  • Perform PPAP/FAI tests and checks throughout the sampling process per customer defined requirements
  • Submit sample castings along with PPAP/FAI documentation to the customer for approval
  • Post approval, finalize process instructions and information and release for production

Step 5

Provide Customer Feedback  

We actively share and discuss opportunities for customers to improve the manufacturability and functionality of their iron castings.

Step 6

Participating in cost-reduction efforts

When you are looking for opportunities to improve your design, we help to ensure modifications are attainable and effective.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We can pour iron castings from ounces up to 2,500 lbs.
  • We have numerous green sand molding lines for castings up to 50 lbs. and no-bake or airset molding for castings up to 2,500 lbs. 
  • We can produce castings upwards of 100 inches in length. 
  • We often tackle challenging castings projects that no one else wants to attempt, whether the challenges are due to complex geometries or strict quality requirements. 
  • All standard ASTM gray and ductile iron alloys
  • HiSilMoly
  • Austempered ductile iron
  • Custom OEM high alloy additions

Yes we are ISO 9001:2015 certified and we have been for over 15 years. We are also ABS certified.

  • We rely on our customers to design and certify their own product designs, but we routinely review designs and share thoughts to improve manufacturability.
  • We use Solidworks for internal 3D design needs such as modeling a gating system for a new casting project. 
  • We also utilize MAGMA software for all new casting projects in order to simulate the solidification process of making a casting. 
  • If you already have pattern tooling, you can send it to us to review. We routinely adapt existing pattern tooling in an economical fashion to fit with our equipment.
  • Building new pattern tooling
    • Foam Pattern – One time use, for order an order quantity of 1 to 3 pieces.
    • Wood Pattern – Reusable and acceptable for annual demand up to 100 pieces a year.
    • Redboard Urethane Plastic – Reusable and acceptable for annual demand up to 2000 pieces a year.
  • 3D Sand printed molds can be used for prototype and low-volume needs. These are one time use only.  There is no hard tooling needed.

Yes, we have the ability to 3D scan existing parts. From the point cloud generated we can create a 3D solid model as well as a 2D print drawing.  From the approved 3D solid model we can then create a hard pattern tool, and finally begin producing castings for you.