Now Is the Right Time to Switch Foundries

Switching foundries can reduce backlogs

After a few frantic years, OEMs are coming up for air and looking at the world around them – including their current suppliers. “In 2021 and 2022, casting backlogs were out 20-plus weeks for most foundries,” says Jesse Milks, President of State Line Foundries. “Foundries are still busy, but not to that degree.” The frantic…

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How State Line Supports Construction & Ag OEMs with Castings

How State Line Supports Construction And Agricultural Equipment OEMs With Castings

Large OEMs in the agriculture and construction industries need a high volume of castings to keep their manufacturing lines humming and their customers’ machines working in the field. Yet there are still key roles for smaller, specialized foundries to play in that world. For State Line Foundries, that often means involvement at the first and…

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How to find the right foundry for military work

How A Casting Buyer Can Find The Right Foundry For Military Work

Few foundries take on defense contractor-related work. It’s easy to see why. “The requirements for suppliers are pretty intense,” explains Jesse Milks, president of State Line Foundries, which pours iron castings for a variety of military products. Milks says the specifications provide a point of comparison between castings destined for military versus private-sector applications. “With…

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