Dawn Of A New Era At State Line Foundries

The dawn of a new era at State Line Foundries

Whenever two companies join forces, the hope is that the new whole will be greater than the sum of its parts – that their synergies will enable them to deliver a more comprehensive set of solutions to their joint customers. But sometimes, the hoped-for efficiencies never materialize – or take a long time to realize.

Thankfully, the new State Line Foundries is an exception to this rule.

The new, combined company has united the best people, expertise and capabilities of two Illinois/Wisconsin foundries into an iron casting powerhouse. It specializes in prototype and short-run production iron castings up to 2,500 pounds. Castings are primarily produced to gray and ductile iron standards, but the foundries also routinely pour alloys such as austempered ductile iron, high silicon moly and customer-specific alloys.

“We work closely with our customers throughout the casting process, from front-end casting design and engineering support through delivering production castings in a timely manner,” explains Jesse Milks, President.“ This includes optimizing casting designs for manufacturability, adapting previously-used production tooling or building new tooling, plus meeting quality certification requirements with our vast array of in-house laboratory capabilities,” he adds.

Historically, State Line Foundries was known for its ability to produce short-run, complex castings with short lead times. Winnebago Foundry had developed a strong reputation as a solid supplier of similar castings. Together under the State Line banner, both foundries provide OEMs and other customers with expanded capacity and an unmatched ability to meet time-critical deadlines.

“During the last year, we’ve worked very hard to integrate our operations, improve our processes and maximize our customer responsiveness,” Milks adds. “If you haven’t looked at State Line Foundries lately, it’s time to take a fresh look at what we can do for you,” he adds.


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