A Closer Look at State Line Foundries [VIDEO]

State Line Foundries provides OEMs and others with big foundry services in a short-line package. We specialize in short-run prototype castings, low-production castings and end-of-life service castings. What makes us unique? We offer a set of in-house capabilities that are normally only found in large casting environments, such as engineering support, mold flow analysis, pattern…

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How Experienced Employees Have Positioned State Line for Success

How Experienced Employees Have Positioned State Line For Success

Retaining Experienced Employees Ensures High Quality, Short Lead Times The foundry industry is booming today, but that hasn’t always been the case. There were slowdowns just last year– and a full-blown recession in 2008-2009. These tough times shaped how State Line Foundries manages its workforce during industry downturns. And it’s a big reason that the…

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Big Foundry Services In A Short-line Package

Big Foundry Services In A Short Line Foundry

OEMs are faced with a Goldilocks problem.  They often require a large foundry that can produce big volumes of parts, plus sophisticated services like mold flow analyses and testing. But big foundries tend to be slow-moving and inflexible, with long lead times and strict production requirements.  Short-line foundries are often much more flexible and responsive,…

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State Line is poised for growth in 2021

State Line Is Poised For Growth In 2021

Look for a choppy 2020 to turn into a slow rebound during the first quarter of 2021, followed by accelerating growth throughout the rest of the year. Watch for State Line Foundries’ long-term approach to pay dividends, predicts the company’s president, Jesse Milks. “We’re well-positioned to take on additional business – quickly – when things…

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