State Line is poised for growth in 2021

State Line Is Poised For Growth In 2021

Look for a choppy 2020 to turn into a slow rebound during the first quarter of 2021, followed by accelerating growth throughout the rest of the year. Watch for State Line Foundries’ long-term approach to pay dividends, predicts the company’s president, Jesse Milks. “We’re well-positioned to take on additional business – quickly – when things…

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What does it mean to put the customer first?

Customer Support At State Line Foundries

Companies of all shapes and sizes – and across all industries – describe themselves as “always putting the customer first.” But the reality is often quite different. Businesses often fall short in this critical area, straining customer relationships and sometimes damaging them beyond repair. According to research conducted by Accenture Interactive, B2B buyers today aren’t…

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