Thanks for visiting this web page, which we’ve created especially for you. State Line Foundries has a long history of making iron castings for construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers. We have a deep understanding of the environments in which these parts must “live” – and what that means in terms of optimizing part and mold designs for optimal performance, cost and manufacturability.

We’d love to be considered for future casting work – especially prototype castings, which are one of our specialties! We are flexible, responsive and are considered to be a top Tier 1 supplier by many of our OEM customers. 

For this web page, we’ve hand-picked several articles and resources that will give you a better idea of who we are and how we can help you with your iron casting needs. 

We look forward to an opportunity to talk with you about your projects!

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Rapid Prototype Castings

Large Iron Casting 2

State Line Foundries produces certified, prototype iron castings faster than anyone. Our proven, structured processes routinely meet tight deadlines because our quick-response team eliminates the “white space” between each step in the prototype production process.

Production Castings

Production Casting

We offer a wider range of casting sizes than most foundries in our size range (several ounces to 2,500 lbs.), with short lead times and unmatched flexibility. Our sampling and process controls ensure that your castings can be moved into production quickly, with a minimum of hassle.

Transfer Tooling

Refurbish Pattern Tool Gal

State Line Foundries can adapt your existing pattern equipment to fit our operation quickly and economically with our in-house pattern makers and equipment. We take in an average of 100 transfer tools per year and have developed deep expertise in solving problems and getting them into production quickly.

Relevant Resources

How State Line Supports Construction & Ag OEMs with Castings

How State Line Supports Construction And Agricultural Equipment OEMs With Castings

State Line has a long history of helping construction and agricultural equipment manufacturers with their iron casting needs. Key strengths include producing prototype castings for new machines and end of life service castings to help keep older machines running.

Need Prototype Castings? We Can Help!

State Line Foundries Specializes In Producing Prototype Iron Castings

If you’re seeking a foundry to produce prototype castings using gray, ductile or austempered ductile iron, you ought to consider State Line Foundries as a potential partner. Our two foundries offer a unique set of capabilities that make them an ideal place to get fast turnarounds on high-quality prototype castings.

How to Navigate the Minefield of Transfer Tooling

How Castability Analysis Can Save Time And Money

If you don’t have the right foundry partner, transferring tooling can be like trying to cross a minefield while blindfolded. Your odds of success are likely to be very low. But an experienced foundry can help you get through the process smoothly, so you can be back in production with a minimum of hassle.

Jesse Milks

State Line Foundries

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